You want to present your new collection, your new product, communicate spatially around an idea, a concept or your image? I create for you a staging that enhances your message and makes it more impactful. Listening to your request I use the different facets of the plant world to install a creative framework around your message.

My approach

Listening to your request, I imagine temporary or perennial artistic spaces that amply bring on board the world of plants. At the request of companies or associations, I create original installations fusing art, landscape and the plants world. With my artistic sensibility I support you in highlighting your commercial identity. I work as a team within your company to understand your message.

My service

This may involve setting up a stand (such as the plant fair IPM 2017 in Essen), a temporary garden (for instance the ‘ephemeral gardens’ on the forecourt of the Paris City Hall in 2013), an exhibition hall (the gardens in the Comic strip, Bercy 2000), a commercial space (for PanAmerican Seed, work in progress), …

Listening to your needs, I can :

  • accompany the client in his research of identity
  • invent exhibition scenographies
  • stage commercial stands
  • create plant events
  • rethink your company’s outdoor spaces
  • design gardens, patios, terraces, playground,
  • invigorate your reception area: outside garden, parvis, plant installation …
  • renovate historic gardens
  • draw urban furniture, sculptural objects carrying green identities

My intervention

I intervene at all stages of the project : on-site visit to understand the spatiality of the site to be developed, meeting with the sponsors to understand the intention and the message, realisation of one or more sketches, presentation of the project to the inhabitants during consultations and to various other actors, direct contact with the manufacturing workshops, regular presence at the site, and listening to questions during the inauguration.